Annual General Meeting RY 10/11

Annual General Meeting RY 10/11

Date: 31st July 2010 (Sat)
Time: 1030am-1200pm
Venue: 5A2 Class (May change)
Attire: Club's Tee or School's Tee

* Directors please get ready your report before next 27.07.10 (Tue).
* Members please spread the news to any Interact members you know.

Interact BODs 10/11 Selection 2nd Interview

Interact BODs 10/11 Selection Final Interview

Date: 16.07.10 (Friday)
Time: 1.15pm
Location: Gather---- Outside staff room
Interview---- Inside Staff room
Interview by: Pn. Ruthirayene
Attire: Neat School Uniform

* This interview is only for Form 3 & Form 4 students.
* Those who are interested, please inform President Jimmy (5S2).

* Those who are unable to attend this meeting will be disqualified immediately.

* Once the classes end, please gather at outside of the staff room. You will be given a number which indicates the order interviews being conducted.
* AGM will be held on the 31st July 2010 (Sat)
* Members in the afternoon class will be informed later about their interviews.
* Please fully prepare yourself for the interview, with the below guidelines.

. A one- minute- Self-Introduction
2. The 3 posts that you are interested in.
3. Why should we select you.
4. How can you contribute to the club.

Before you start the interview preparation, please make sure you are free on the time below:-
  1. Every Saturday 8am-2pm (Club activity time)
  2. Stay back on 2nd Tue / Month for BODs Meeting with Rotarian+Teacher
    (President, Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, IU Director, Service Director, Club Director, Financial Director)

1 minute Self- Introduction
Include these
- Name
- Class
- Your experience in co-curiculum (joined club for N year, been emcee before, organise few activities before)
- Your strength (Good in computer, wide human network, good in designing..)
- Anything that can let others know more about you

3 Posts you wish to apply
I don't know why so many people will only pick those high post when they see this question.
Actually you should pick the post that suit you the most! Those post can make you perform well and high success rate to be selected.
So, when you select the post, remember to pick:
- Post that suit your ability
- Post that have high success rate of picking you

Here is some basic introduction of the position for your reference


- Main person of the club
- Must know all information about Interact Club
- Make sure all the BODs carry their duty
- Held BODs meeting (small meeting on morning + main meeting with teacher & Rotarian)
- Have all the contact of outgoing seniors, others school president, Rotarians, Teachers and BODs
- Deal with teachers, Rotarians, outgoing seniors, other clubs and other school Interactors
- Able to attend all the meeting
- Make sure all the members returned home before you do (in outer school events)

To be a president, you must....
* Willing to learn new thing
* Willing to update yourself
* Wiling to be the active one when you want to distribute task
* Be open to constructive criticisms of others.
* Be neutral and rational whenever conflicts occur between two party
* Good in organising, distributing task

2.Vice President
Different with perception, this post is not easy to be because it has its own duty too!
- Assist president to carry his/her duty
- Attend meeting
- Discipline Master, for eg: prepare warning letters and penalize misbehave members / BODs
- Scold misbehave members when necessary
- Collect all the data of club members together with Club Director (contact, class, name, email...)
- Have all the info of club members

To be a vice president, you must be...
* A good leadership
* Strict
* A good follower as well
* Good in organising

- Present in all meeting
- Handle the school documents (KK1A, 1B, 20A, 20B)
- Apply permission to organise activities, such as class allocation
- Familiar with all of the school documents
- Prepare minutes of any meeting
- Record all of the reports
- Collect all the reports from the person incharge
- Prepare annual report (For DG visit / AGM/ school)

To be a secretary, you must be...
* Discipline enough to produce timely minutes of meetings
* Strict in collecting the reports
* A good in time manager (Apply class...)
* Good in typing & report writing
* ABle to print out the reports

4.Assistant Secretary
- Able to present in all meeting, activities
- Type and print out activity reports and hand in in 2 weeks time
- Assist Secretary to carry out its duty
- Help to inform those who involve in the meeting

To be an assistant secretary, you must...
* Have all the BODs contact
* Responsible to the task given
* Discipline in completing the reports
* Good in typing & report writing
* Perfectly if own a printer

- Prepare the account of all activities
- Set budget for every activity
- Buy present during special event (Teacher day...)
- Get money from teacher
- Give money for claimers
- Collect all the receipts
- Prepare club account (for DG visit, AGM, school)

To be a treasurer, you must...
* Strict in setting budget and collecting receipt
* Able to keep the club receipts and money
* Able to separate club money with private money
* Know basic account

6.International Understanding Director (I.U. Director)
- Plan for I.U. project
- Handle the invitation of IU day (ask the same form while asking representative to find the other respective form)
- Prepare report of IU project within a week, hand in 1 copy to teacher and secretary
- Held meeting and post mortum for IU project

To be an IU Director, you must...
* Able to cope with stress (IU project= most important & grand project in Interact Club)
* Know some ways to find sponsorship for the IU project
* Excellent organising skill
* Excellent time management
* Able to write proposal and report
* Wide human network
* Strict

7.Service Director.
- Plan a school/ community service project
- Prepare report of the service project in 2 week time, hand in 1 copy to teacher & secretary
- Held meeting and post mortum for service project
- Make sure every club members have club tee
- Handle the design of new club tee with Notice Board Editor when necessary

To be a service director, you must...
* Make sure the carried service project fulfill the definition of service
* Able to write proposal and report
* Good organising skill
* Discipline

8.Club Director
- Plan Saturday activities
- Handle the recruitment week
- Handle the recruitment of Special Committee
- Head of Special Committee
- Distribute Special Committee to every group of director
- Identify and make sure the increase number of active member
- Collect all the data of club members together with Vice President (contact, class, name, email...)
- Held meeting and post mortum of the Saturday activities
- Held training for Special Committee to ensure better understanding of the club

To be a club director, you must have...
* Excellent organising skill
* Able to distribute tasks
* Able to write proposal and report
* Know well about Interact Club
* Discipline
* Strict
* Creative

9.Financial Director
Difference of a Treasurer & Financial Director is a Treasurer manage the account while a Financial Director is raising the club fund.
- Plan for fund raising project (for IU day, charity or admin use)
- Handle some financial related project (Sport sales, Hari Koperasi, dedication)
- Prepare report of financial project in 2 weeks time, hand in 1 copy for teacher & secretary
- Held meeting and post mortum for fund raising project

To be a Financial Director, you must...
* Strong entrepreneurship (will not think selling something expensive than original price to friends is a kind of sin)
* Well organising skill
* Know where can get cheapest stocks
* Able to write proposal and report

10.Web Master
- Inform person incharge when some one invite some events or any Interact related matter via Internet
- Ask those who present in the event where you are absent to write a post in the club blog
- In charge of photo taking in every single activities
- Send picture to the person incharge of report writing
- Manage facebook account of the club
- Make slide shows (DG visit, Recruitment week, IU day)
- Interact with public in Internet
- Write posts in club blog
- Promote club blog

To be a Web Master, you must...
* Able to surf Internet often
* Perfect if own a camera
* Good in computing skill
* Willing to learn and find out new computing software

11.Notice Board Editor
- Manage the notice board
- Type and put bulletin on the notice board (activities or meeting)
- Handle souvenir matter in every activities (AGM, activities...)
- Help to design club tee with Service Director when necessary

To be a Notice Board Editor, you must...
* Creative
* Innovative
* Have basic typing skill

12.Morning Representative 1 & 2
- Head of the members of Form 4 and Form 3
- Held morning meeting with members to give briefing
- Incharge of finding Form 3 and Form 4 members to others club/ school events
- Have the contact of members of the form incharged
- Take attendant of respective form during activities
- Represent the club to events if fail to find any representative
- Report to Vice President if find out misbehave of members

To be a Morning Representative, you must....
* Form 2 or Form 3
* Able to come earlier to school (best before 7am)
* Good communication skill

13.Afternoon Representative 1 & 2
- Head of the members of Form 1 and Form 2
- Held afternoon meeting with members to give briefing
- Incharge of finding Form 1 and Form 2 members to others club/ school events
- Have the contact of members of the form incharged
- Take attendant of respective form during activities
- Represent the club to events if fail to find any representative
- Report to Vice President if find out misbehave of members

To be a Afternoon Representative, you must....
* Able to come earlier to school (best before 12.40pm)
* Good communication skill
* Form 1
* Strict

Why you should be selected for what you apply?
For this question, the answer can be very easy
- Have experience in the similar tasks of the post (eg: typing, souvenir making)
- Have experience in handling big projects
- Able to attend every single activities
- Good in english and communication
- Have wide human network
- Good feedback from other teacher
- Able to follow instruction
- Punctual, never late to hand in report

What you can do to contribute the club?
Also a common and easy question
- Promote and ask friends to join the club
- Be responsible in carrying out your own duty
- Support every single activities organised by the club
- Identify and improve the current condition of the club
- Willing to work together with others BODs
- Attend courses, camps, apply what you learn to the club

  • Remember, didn't get the post you wish to be doesn't mean that you are a failure.
  • Every single post is important, the club will get stronger and progressive when all the post carry out their duty.
  • In reality, how long you serve the club does not promise you a position. You must show that you have the quality to be the position.
  • So, do not blame anyone when you do not get what you wish for but have to reflect on yourself.
  • Reflect on the reasons you are not selected and why the others are selected.

France International Understanding Day

France International Understanding Day

Theme: connaître la France
Country: France
Date: 3rd July 2010 (Sat)
Time: 2pm-5pm
Attire: Casual
Fee: RM5

0130--------- Registration
0200-0115-- Arrival of Guests
0215-0220-- Arrival of Guests of Honour
0220-0225-- Singing
0225-0230-- Speech by IU Director, Int. Chaw Voon Pin
0230-0235-- Speech by President of RCPK, Rtn. John Low
0235-0240-- Speech by Principal, Dr.Chin Kok Goon
0240-0245-- Speech by Chairman of Board of Governors, Mr. Teh Kim Teh
0245-0250-- Slide Show
0250-0310-- Games
0310-0330-- Performances
0330-0350-- Refreshment
0350-0355-- Slide Show
0355-0445-- Performances
0445-0455-- Fashion Show
0445-0500-- Messi!!


France info...


Flute play..

Magic show...

Duno what is it about?
Of course I duno, because I duno magic...

Kae yih piano play..

Harmonica play...

Interactive games, Teaching French words

Our hero, Jun hong is taking the challenge

Modern dance, Abracadabra Dance

Lucky draw...

Group pic, Wee~~~

Mini souvenir...

France map..


Clear Souvenir look....

Eiffel tower...

Sheng jia, who made the souvenir, 1 of those
color the backdrop, 1 of those incharge of masks...

Hari Koperasi 2010

Date: 01/07/2010 (Thu)
Time: 8.00am-3.00pm
Venue: Kwang Hua Square, Hall

Wow, it's fun today because the school hour is until 2nd period!!! Later the square is crowded with students. Hari koperasi is a kind of mini carnival and this year is the 2nd time of testing period. According to some students, next year probably would be the Kwang Hua carnival instead of having a mini carnival like this.

By the way, our Interactors really enjoying selling the ice cream and rootbeer float, earning a profit of RM300+ XD

Walls Ice cream from Interact Club~~~

Hari Koperasi...

Chinese society incoming event, PBC 40th anniversary


This is cool!!! PS2 by Robotic Club

Police Cadet selling ABC

Guess which stall is this? It's Police Cadet design...

Ghost house flooded... Some of them queue for 3hrs

Herbal eggs by Chinese Society

3rd General Meeting

3rd General Meeting

Theme: Sparkling Claps Linking Us

Date: 26th June 2010 (Sast)
Time: 10.30am-12.00pm
Venue: 1P class
Attire: Club Tee / School Tee
10.30-10.45am Registration
1045-10.50am Club song
10.50-11.30am Clapping Session
11.30-12.00pm Brief about incoming IU day

Relax lah~~